About Us

Give The Joy

 Ally's On .....Charm Girl Lingerie is dedicated to the feel good experience. Whether it be the experience of “Sleeping Pretty” in a Charm gown or the good feeling of giving back by donating part of it’s proceeds. For  every Ice Pink / Red gown a portion will be awarded to help bring awareness to finding a cure for breast cancer and heart disease.  In the interim, our mission/mantra is to "Give The Joy" by trying help someone everyday.......GTJ 

Indulge In the Experience

Each charm is complimented by a corresponding padded hanger and a bottle of Sweet Sheets Spray. As a child, Allyson appreciated the luxury of padded hangers and wanted to share that experience with all of her “Charm Girls”. The Sweet Sheets spray is a unique blend of soft and sexy Lavender fragrance. This spray is the finishing touch to the ultimate “Charm Girl” experience by activating all of the senses.

How "CGL" Got Started

Charm Girl Lingerie was inspired by Allyson’s own frustrations that she met in 2010 while trying to find plus size night gowns that were sexy and flattering. Her mission is to fill the void and solve the dilemma that fuller figured women have while shopping for evening night wear apparel. The Charm Girl Lingerie line is filled with exciting prints, bright colors, and unique accents that are a stark contrast from the typical unappealing choices and color limitations of black, beige and pink. .