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Blogging for Nutrition coming soon!

Telling my journey on loosing 105 lbs with the aid of nutritious fabulous amazing alternative recipes worth sharing! I will show you how to make amazing foods using everyday ingredients in the most unusual way! OMG waaay worth viewing...stay tuned!

Men are really loving "CHARMS"

We as PLUS SIZE girls have plenty to offer visually and the men are showing the love.

CharmGirlLingerie's Daily Social Medias are becoming flooded with lovely comments like Sexy, Hot, Absolutely love this, Beautiful!! The admiration our gentlemen are showing makes becoming a Charm Girl that much more exciting! They are more and more responding to the uprise of the Plus Size movement and CGL is happy to be apart of this ride's contribution! FYI Ladies men really do like us to "Sleep Pretty" 

You can Google this...Per Eva Mendes,  "sweatpants are the number one cause of divorce in America“ LOL

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Beyonce' reading my BeyHive sign

Allyson Lewis, CEO/Founder of Charm Girl Lingerie, was fortunate enough to have her own “Bey Day” Experience back on July 25th, 2013. Beyonce performed to a sold out concert in Philadelphia and because of an invite from a close friend, Allyson got to experience Beyonce up close and personal.

Allyson’s creativity would not allow her to attend the concert in a simple shirt and pants. She immediately went to work and created a customized and completely original “Queen Bey” black shirt adorned in a gold letter B with a crown. But she didn’ not stop there, Allyson created the ultimate “Bey Hive” experience- a hat that resembled an actually bee hive with matching bees afixed all around the hive. She also had a corresponding sign, that she was able to carry during the entire concert.

Allyson’s bee hive hat captured the attention of Beyonce’s personal assistant, Melissa Vargas and due to her creativity, Allyson and her friend, had their seats upgraded to the VIP section in the very front–CENTER STAGE!
It was there that the “Queen B” herself acknowledged Allyson’s bee hive awesomeness and her picture is prominently displayed on Beyonce’s website along with her amazing outfit. As a bonus, Allyson has a personal picture of the Queen B herself reading her Bey Hive sign!